Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sorethon Storyline

Made by: Hattori
(SoD screen name)

Hey everyone, so I am finally posting my viking's story line I have been working.
It talks about all my characters and their dragons.

Sorethon Family Tree:

Ethera Sorethon:
Comet (Monstrous Nightmare)
   Ethera, being the oldest female sibling in the Sorethon clan, has to take on many responsibilities, she is mature, and very smart. She is also a warrior, and even more strong in brawn and brain than her older brother, Samuel.

   Comet loves training and combat almost as much as Ethera. Whenever a challenge faces Comet and Ethera, they don’t even think twice of accepting what lies ahead. Also, Comet has a prideful side to himself.

Rashel Sorethon:
Jezabel (Deadly Nadder)          

    Rashel is hyper, sarcastic, outgoing, and very talkative, and always full of bright energy, although she loves having a lot of alone time.

   Jezabel is very caring and loves everyone. In the book of dragons, Nadders are loyal and deadly. Jez is very loyal, but she never turns to violence unless it is absolutely necessary.  

Ashley Sorethon:
Megan (Deadly Nadder)  

-Ashley and Rashel Sorethon's friendship are bonded like sisters. After Ashley's parents died, the Sorethon family adopted Ashley, so she officially is Rashel's sister.
-Ashley is hard working, caring, and loves a little competition now and then. Megan, Ashley's dragon, is fast and loves racing. Ashley and Megan love making their own flight coarse around the wild.
-Megan is  very athletic, but is laid back. 
 -Ashley isn't a great fisher, but her dragon takes her place. Megan shoots a fire ball in the water, and Ashley catches them in a basket.
-Megan's favorite food is salmon and eggs. 

Kent Sorethon:
 Dalin (Deadly Nadder)   
   Kent is somewhat morbid and anti-social. He won't talk to anyone unless it is necessary. He is a wonderful artist, but he never shows his paintings or sketches to anyone besides his dragon, Dalin. Some vikings say that he has a dark secret, but no one knows what it is. 

   Dalin knows Kent very well, they can almost read each others minds. Dalin never leaves Kent’s side. Kent and Dalin are almost always in the forest alone.