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Favorite HTTYD quotes

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"I say we blast it!"
"Then we smash it!"
twins together: "then blast it again!"
"Stop saying what im saying NOW!"

Astrid: "It's not supposed to be fun, it's a Hiccup idea."
Hiccup: "Exactly! what?"
D:RoB - In dragons we trust

"Ill be taking butts and kicking names!"
Astrid: "I Think you meant that the other way around."
Snotlout: "I mean! Shut up Astrid ."

"I guess that compition was worth something after all."

From Worst in show

"Hey bud--watchyour tail! *lightning strikes* "Aand Ill watch my leg"

*crashes into daugar's boat*
"Hey, sorry about your deck"

*flys away*

"Did I?"
 Hiccup, from: D:DoB"night and the fury"

"Its going to be risky!"

"You my friend are speaking our language!"

"Ruffnut! You're alive! Wheres tuffnut?!"
"he didn't make it……."

"Just kidding, he's right there."


Snotlout: "The twins did it!"
Tuffnut: "Hey, he stole our plan!"

Dagur: "Ehm... didn't I throw you overboard?"
Captain: "Well, I am an excellent swimmer"
(thrown overboard again)

Hiccup: Who, me? Nah, come on! I'm way too muscular for their taste! They wouldn't know what to do with... all this!

Ruffnut: I'm hoping for some mauling, like, on my shoulder or lower back

Snotlout:  I swear, I'm so angry right now! I'll avenge your beautiful hand and your beautiful foot. I'll chop off the legs of every dragon I fight... with my face!
Gobber: "They need toothpicks, don't they?" *Hiccup shoots him a glare*

"A yaks gotta do what a yaks gotta do!"
tuffnut D:DoB

"You know, this Berk Watch used to be cool. It used to have standards … then we had to let Tuffnut in."
Ruffnut, from: (from

Tuffnut: "Oh no! Not him! Hey, who are they talking about?"
Ruffnut: " I have no idea, but he sounds important, so it definitely can't be you."
(From D: DoB, episode 2: "Iron Gronckle")

Hiccup: "Okay, this must be it. Why else would someone build a wall in the middle of the forest?"
Tuffnut: " Uh, Duh! to keep out the other trees!"
From: (D: RoB, episode 8: "Portrait of Hiccup as a buff young man")

Snotlout: "Blah, blah, blah, where's the treasure?  Clue number one:  Where the land meets the sea in the crook of the master's knee, that's where your search will be--gin"
Ruffnut: "That doesn't sound so brilliant."
Tuffnut: "Okay, think think think think think think think, I forgot what I was thinking about."
From: (D: RoB, episode 8: "Portrait of Hiccup as a buff young man.")

"This is Berk. It snows nine months of the year, and hails the other three. Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so. The only upsides are the pets. While other places have ponies or, parrots... we have... dragons."
Hiccup, (from: How to Train your dragon)

Stoick: "When we crack this mountain open, all Heck is going to break loose."
Gobber: "and my undies. Good thing I brought extras."
(From: How to Train your dragon)

“But the ultimate prize is the dragon no one's ever seen...”
Hiccup, from: (How to Train Your dragon)

“This thing never steals food, never shows itself, and never misses...”
Hiccup, from: (How to Train Your dragon)

“The unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.”
Hiccup, from: (How to Train Your dragon)

“Thank you for nothing you useless reptile.”
Hiccup, from: (How to Train Your dragon)

Hiccup, from: (How to Train Your dragon)

“Winter in Berk lasts most of the year, it holds on with both hands and won't let go and the only real comforts against the cold are those you keep close to your heart.”
Hiccup, (from: Gift of the Night Fury)

“Every dragon in this class is characterized by blazing speed, vice like jaw strength and extreme intelligence.”
Hiccup, from: (Book of Dragons)

“There's an old viking saying, when your friends on roasting on hot spit, you’re the one that feels the fire.”
Hiccup, from (D: RoB, episode 6, "Alvin and the Outcasts")

“Poor toothless, no family, no night flying. What’s left for him really?”
Astrid, (from: D: DoB: episode 1: “Live and Let Fly, Flight Club”)

"What are we supposed to do? BAKE HIM A CAKE?!"
Stoick, from (D: RoB, episode 6, "Alvin and the Outcasts")

Fishlegs: "We don't just go after the big scary noise!"
Astrid: "Yes we do. We always do!"
Fishlegs: "I hate that about us."
From: (D: RoB, episode 17, "Breakneck Bog")

Snotlout: "Hey! That cloud looks like a snake!"
Astrid: "yeah, and in 5 minutes it will look like a bunny."
From: (D: RoB, episode 8: "Portrait of Hiccup as a buff young man.")

“Thank you for summing that up.”
Hiccup, (from: “How to Train your Dragon”)

“I looked at him, and I saw myself.”
Hiccup, (from: “How to Train your Dragon”)

“Can I transfer to the class with the cool Vikings?”
Tuffnut, (from: “How to Train your Dragon”)

“Oh! I am hurt! I am very much hurt!”
Tuffnut, (from: “How to Train your Dragon”)

“I’m OK!... Less ok.”
Fishlegs, (from: “How to Train your Dragon”)

 "It's barely winter! Devastating winter isn't due for another three months!"
Hiccup, (from D:RoB: Episode 3: "Animal House”)

Hiccup: “You're playing a dangers game, keeping this much raw-vikingness contained? There will be consequences!”
Gobber: “I’ll take my chances.”
(From: “How to Train your Dragon”)

Tuffnut: “Screaming death! I love it! ... Ok maybe love it's too strong word.”
(From, D: DoB: episode 4:  “Tunnel Vision”)

Hiccup: “What do you think bud, you want to give this a shot? Toothless, it's gonna be fine ... ready?“
(From: HTTYD 2 teaser trailer)

Ruffnut: “You're crazy...I like that.” 
(From: “How to Train your Dragon”)

Astrid: “No hiccup, you the best Viking today”
(From, D: RoB: episode 12: ”Thawfest”)

Dagur: “Don't answer, I exactly know what you're doing here.”
Hiccup: “uhh, you do?”
Dagur: “oh yes I do, you're here for the same reason I am hiccup you're here ... to hunt dragons.”
Hiccup: “ok you got me that's why I’m here… for all by my self”
Dagur:  “so what ever happened to that night fury hiccup?”
Hiccup: “yes um bad news... um got away.”
Hiccup: “uh, it is? “
Dagur: “Yes! New plan you and I going to hunt down the unholy offspring of lightning and death it self. WE'RE GOING TO TAKE DOWN THAT NIGHT FURY once and for all.”
(From, D:DoB: episode 3: “The Night and the Fury”)

Ruffnut: "I'm too pretty for jail."
Tuffnut: "ha, where'd you hear that?"
(From: D: RoB: episode 1: " How to Start a Dragon Academy")

"Sweet baby Thor in a thunderstorm, GO!"
 Astrid, (from: D: RoB, Episode 1, “How to Start a Dragon Academy”)

Stoick: "Hey look, Im on his back! Any questions?"

Hiccup: "Oh, too many."
(from:  D:RoB, episode 7, "How to pick your dragon")

Gobber *singing* :"I've got my axe, and I've got my mace, and I love my wife with the ugly face, I'm a viking through and through!"
(from: D:RoB, episode 2: "Viking for hire")

Tuffnut: "Take us to the treasure."
Astrid: "Let me know if it answers."
(From: D: RoB, episode 8:  Portrait of Hiccup as a buff young man”)

Dagur: "HAHAHA! you missed!"
Hiccup: "Did I?"
-(from, D:DoB, episode 5: "Race to Fireworm island")

Stoick: "My father told me to bang my head against a rock, I thought it was crazy, but I didn't question it. And do you know what happened?"
Gobber: "You got a headache"
Stoick: "That rock split in two"
(from: How to Train your dragon)

"Whatever you do, please don't tell the twins about this."
Hiccup, (from: D:DoB episode 5 : "Race to Fireworm Island")

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Eats glowing algae during Olden's Fire, as it follows the river/algae path 

First, the Flightmare sprays its prey with a mist that temporarily paralyzes it.
Then the Flightmare strikes.

Toothless after eating the glowing algae.

More info:

Also, I will add more to this post when I find out more about this dragon.